Thursday, January 14, 2016

This 2016

today is the 14th, and i felt the rush to blog about how i want 2016 to be, and the things I need to do. i am pretty sure that this list is random, and when am done writing (and posting!), i might not even attempt to go back to this by year-end. well, who cares?  at least, i get to blog today, and i get to dream big and wish silly.

my compelling mantra for this year: PUSH.
~ to never cower to fear, to not give in to anxiety.
~ to have courage
~ to be brave

every new year that comes, i wish that it is better.

almost always, it is despite some trying times (of not having enough Time, not having enough sleep, difficult people).  writing this, Time and sleep are something I have control over.  no promises there but i just need to do something about balancing Me time with work time and my Time with the Universe (loved ones, friends who want to meet up, Time for more insightful conversations in the work place, Time for more happy chitchats with friends over a good meal).

The part on "difficult people" as is, is difficult but then again, they exist, and there have been many instances when you cannot avoid them for some reason.  they are part of your (work) life.  what to do with them? wag patulan.  sagarin ang pasensiya ko PERO kapag di ko na kaya --- tell them off.  it is (always) liberating to put them in their right place.  i don't want to be pala-away but my mum reminds me to stand my ground, and she says i know when it is time.

like every year, i want to be kinder to myself, and more understanding of others (and kinder too!)  late last year, i started to eat portioned meals and did zumba.  then work disrupts this flow that i have slowly gotten used to.  oh well, my life seemed to be dictated by work.

i hope this will not be the case anymore for 2016.  i will be more wais in handling our workload tutal naman.. ( signal.. &%#@!$*+~@#!)

i will be kinder to people even to those undeserving.  i will be more patient dealing with dementors, and if i can't take so much BS anymore, i will have the Grace to still treat them with courtesy even when they are evil-incarnate.

i will reach out more often to friends and chat with them, especially if we're in different time zones and whereabouts.  work has prevented me to do this often last year.  it wasn't work per se that stopped me. it was the after-effect of a busy week -- i put off chats (i didn't even go to FB and IG often, and stopped tweeting for a time) because i needed to catch up on my sleep.  i had to nap as much as i could then.  it was my body taking over already, and honestly, it felt good giving in to it without that much fight.

Godwilling, i will be blessed with more travels with my loved ones or the time to entertain friends visiting Manila.

i hope that this year i will not have colds as frequently as last year (i have one now! *groan*).

i will be more conscientious in segregating.

i will strive to dress up and look my best even when i'm just going to robs mag (which is stone's throw away from home).

i will watch more movies and read books.

i will continue to pray and converse more with the Lord (and read the bible!)

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