Tuesday, December 22, 2015


so off we went to Tagbilaran from Dec 11-15, 2015

was with H, Nico, Mayet and 2 seniors: Mum and Leds.  That Bohol trip was the first in so many levels and feels:  first time in Bohol (for H, Mayet and Leds), first to ride the plane (Leds), the first Visayas trip for H and his first domestic flight. All these firsts gave us a very good excuse to do all sorts of touristy things.

Day 1 was when we went to see the butterflies, the Chocolate Hills, drove the ATV (my first time!), did the zipline (first time for H and Mayet!), visited Baclayon Church (offered Mass for Dad!), did the Loboc Cruise (and had lunch there!).

Day 2 was kuyakoy and laze around in Dumaluan Resort, where we stayed.  Enjoyed their food, their room, and their in-house massage (thanks ate lucy!)

Day 3 was our Island hop --- saw a gazillion dolphins (and ran after them! chased them! them swimming after us!); they were just TOO many that i didn't know where to look!  it was such a joyful experience that we couldn't stop muttering, "Thank you, Lord!" "Wow!" a few dozen times that time.  Then we had lunch in the "Blessed Baclayon Island Cafe" where Ate cooked seafood for us and barbecued some chicken wings! it was a simple yet very satisfying lunch!  Then we went to Virgin Island (twas gorgeous!) and then Kuya Randy (the boatman) brought us to Alona Beach so we could experience the more "ma-gimik" side of Panglao.  we had the yummiest kinilaw (in the Island that is!) there, and probably the most delicious bacon-wrapped TJ hotdog. HAHAHHA

Then Day 4 was our trip to Manila.

it was also a food feast ---dumaluan's kare-kare (the best!), cheese, margarita and meat pizza!, baby back ribs, lechon kawali, calamares, squid fried with paprika, ripe mangoes, pochero, crispy pata, steamed lapu lapu, grilled lapu lapu, lapu lapu in sesame oil, shrimps! shrimps! shrimps! in all sorts of luto, beef bulalo, and brekky of bacon, eggs, chorizo, loboc cruise buffet, all those junk food (chips and chocolates), and siomai and siopao and freedom fries from naia3.  just thinking back made me gain 5 lbs. oh, and did i mention, beer na beer, san mig light and mule fest too?! and those fresh bucos that sina mum enjoyed.

the weather was like Summer --- hot, windy, breezy, cool, and starry night.

overall, it was a gratifying experience that i am thankful for.  i was with loved ones, and we were able to spend time together while enjoying the beauty of the country.  like what Mayet posted in FB, that trip was a proof and test of patience, humility, generosity and gratitude.

God is good! All the time.  Salamat po, Lord. Sa uulitin.

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