Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Irony Of It

it takes discernment, a sense of purpose and Divine Providence to not fall into the pit of that leadership abyss.  when you are unfeeling and everything else for you needs to be treated with rationality, objectivity, (to some extent a legal frame), you are a no non-sense Boss;  but there is a thin line between this and being uncaring, un-emotional, not a people-person and to some extent, indifferent and robotic.  when you are open and encourage openness, you can be accused of opening floodgates of emotional outbursts, frank candidness and irrational response to an equally irrational behavior.  when you are rigid, regimented, discourages communication and honesty, you are a model of human rights' violator.

when people say it is lonely at the top, i thought they were just being melodramatic.  on hindsight, while it is not lonely at the top, it is a spot for survival because there will always be someone, who will want that spot and would readily pounce at you to dislodge you, making you fall from Grace when all the while you thought, you were simply doing your job well.

where has Humanity gone?

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BabyPink said...

I feel you. While I believe it is one's choice whether or not to be lonely at the top, I do know that it can really be tough. And, I've realized recently that there really are times when people at the top have no eefin' idea what to do and, that is really difficult. Not that I'm at the top. Just reflecting is all! Hehe:-)